Where have I been?!

Now that is a good question. Life has been busy, as I am sure it has been for you too. Between work, traveling and keeping up with the in’s and out’s of daily life it’s hard to make time to get on here and share my adventures. Quick update: Still in Amsterdam! Hurrah! If you […]

A Travel Year in Review

I think just about everyone is ready to shake off 2016. Myself included. This post covers my travels of this year which seems a bit silly with all that is going on and has gone on this year. However, it reminds me of the beautiful world we live in and the kind-hearted, genuine people that fill […]

Mosel Valley, Germany: Weekend Road Trip!

Weekends are too short. It is a fact. So sometimes you just have to make the most of them! The Netherlands is a bit lacking in the vineyards and castles department so we headed off on a road trip to Germany to get a dose of both!*  The Mosel Valley region was our destination. First stop? The […]

36 Hours in Cinque Terra

So, first things first: Cinque Terra is not a single place, it’s actually a group of five small villages and surrounding land nestled on the Ligurian Coast of Italy. Cinque = five, Terra = land. Italian lesson complete. The villages/lands are Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. Together they are recognized as a […]

A Quick Frolic in Florence!

So about 4 months ago I was in Italy with my mum and aunt aka “The Double D’s”. After they explored Amsterdam, we flew to Rome and spent a couple days walking and eating around the city. The next stop was Firenze for about 36 hours! After a fast and pretty train ride from Rome […]

Life Reflections: Amsterdam 1.2

So in typical me fashion, I missed my one year anniversary in Amsterdam. Just like that it has been one year and 2 months in the canal city. It has also been a few months since I posted an adventure. There was no traveling dry spell just a lack of blog post mojo! The following […]

Menton Lemon Festival!

Amsterdam winters are a wee bit gray. So last month we escaped to the south of France to soak up some sun and to check out south France’s version of carnival! Just down the road from Nice, the tiny town of Menton held its 83rd annual Fete du Citron. This 3 week long celebration has a […]

Rome: My 5 Favorite Hidden Treasures

You expect Rome to be crowded and touristy–and it is–but despite that it exceeded my expectations. Rome is full of history: the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Forum, The Vatican… I could go on! Yes those places are amazing and you definitely have to see them when in Rome, but here are five other things to do […]

Around the Trastevere neighbourhood in Rome!

Yes it is the touristy district in Rome but it is for a good reason. The charming maze of medieval cobblestone streets, colourful terracota buildings and picturesque  piazzas make it a wonderful place to get lost for a day and experience a unique neighbourhood in Rome. The district  name derives from the Latin words “Trans […]

Palace of Versailles

After a 30 minute metro ride from Paris, I arrived to grandeur and opulence of the Palace of Versailles. It is certainly magnificent. Even more so when I remind myself the Palace was built in the 15th and 16th centuries. Despite my desire to expound on French history and all the interesting facts regarding the […]